Exe Training Solutions firmly believe that Basic Life Support should be taught in all schools and placed somewhere on the National Curriculum. Our trained secondary teachers are able to come to your school at a day convenient to you and deliver life changing skills to years 7 – 13. That would mean providing around 1200 children life skills that could help save a life. If we did this once a year that would mean your students would be kept up to date, their skills would be kept fresh and they would comfortably be able to assist trained personnel if the worse were to ever happen.

CPR keeps blood circulating from the heart around the body, it has a very small 3% survival rate… we show your pupils how to use Automated External Defibrillators (AEDS/Defibs) which, if they have access too, or know where to get one from and what they need to ask for can raise the chance of survival to around 74%. This vital bit of knowledge is only lifesaving if they know about it! It will only work if they know how to use it and have hands on practical experience from one of our teachers. The BLS class does not take up a whole day, it does not even take up half a day… In just 2 hours each class (each form) will leave the room knowing that they could help save a person’s life.

We have delivered Basic Life Support in schools across the county of Devon for the past 2 years with fantastic feedback from both staff and pupils. Our Director Simon is a qualified Secondary PE teacher and only employs qualified teachers to deliver BLS in schools, this has been essential in helping with classroom management, understanding pupils learning needs, differentiating and also ensures that they carry a full DBS check.

Exe Training Solutions are currently in talks with ASDAN (www.asdan.org.uk) to be able to work alongside children and encourage, engage and motivate them by developing skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. Our teachers are also trained to deliver COPE awards as well as short courses which range from activities and peer tutoring through to animal welfare.

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